Hi All! My name is Oana and I’ll be writing the blog that you’re currently on: One Gallon, Twelve Eggs. I named our blog this because those are the two foods that we eat the most in our family and when my husband asks if we need anything from the store on his way home, that’s usually what I end up telling him. So, it stuck. This blog will be a place I can post all of our family recipes, new and old, and share with you guys our beloved Romanian ones. My husband and I both came from large Romanian families and share a love for the old-style inspired foods. Food that was straight from the garden to the table.

I love vintage-y old stuff, classical fashion with a twist, good fun and, of course, almost all things food (baby octopus and some random others scare me but that’s just me). I hope that you guys are not scared by the lengthy recipes I will post on here sometimes (Romanian food has a tendency to take 3-6 hours to finish making) and you will be at least persuaded to try them by the glorious pictures. Also, I would recommend subscribing to a fitness blog after you subscribe to mine…because Romanian food is very fattening and rich in calories! Ok, just kidding. I’m trying to lose weight as well, baby weight, and so my recipes will be healthified (is that even a word?).

Thanks for reading and I hope all goes well in your kitchen!


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