Hello world!

Hi all! I’m so happy to announce the opening of my blog One Gallon, Twelve Eggs and hope you guys will enjoy reading it as much as I will posting on it!
My name is Oana, I am a wife and mom of a very energetic one-year-old and proud Romanian (on most occasions!). My family lives in sunny Phoenix for the moment and we love, love, love to cook and eat. Being a Romanian family means that we eat a lot of traditional food but we also love experimenting with other cultures’ foods especially Italian, Asian and Mexican. Who doesn’t?
On the other hand, yours truly here is also trying to lose the baby weight (still) and so this will be an adventure in trying to slim down our favorite foods. The Romanian recipes will be particularly trying since they are traditionally very high in fat and calories–that’s going to be my biggest challenge. Since we eat them all the time though, it is a necessary procedure.
Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy our slimmed-down Romanian (and other ethnic) recipes and come back weekly for more.

See you guys around!



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